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Written in the stars

Silicon Valley authors explore cosmic questions in new children's book

Scientific discoveries are often presented as a series of spontaneous brainstorms by famous thinkers. In reality, according to writer Emer Martin, progress in science evolves through cooperation, and relies on the observations and experiments of those who came before. Martin, along with co-author Suzana Tulac and illustrator Magdalena Zuljevic, offers a fresh look at astronomy in a new children's book, "Why is the Moon Following Me?," recently released by Martin's own Rawmeash publishing cooperative. Read More»


Book Chat

An Extra Dimension to Self -Publishing in Ireland

I have been aware of Philip Casey’s adoption of Self-Publishing for keeping his own out of print novels alive. Thanks to this, the three novels are now available in print form and can be purchased on-line or in “Book Upstairs” and   ”Kennys Bookshop”. When I asked him, for the purposes of this column, what his thoughts were on self-publishing in Ireland he sent me this comment which is most informative... Read More»


Glad to be an Indie

I could be wrong but I think we’re relaxed about literary fiction in Ireland. I suppose it’s fiction which tries to conjure complex human beings on the page, and to occupy their mind and soul, rather than concentrating on plot, mystery, pace – all of the techniques which compel a reader to turn the page late at night. Yes, it’s a minority taste, but I don’t think there’s anything precious or self-conscious about it, which is often the subtext in discussions about it. Let readers enjoy what they enjoy. Read More»



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