Why Rawmeash?

At 15 I was a punk. Most of the music was terrible, I forced myself to listen to it. I wanted to grasp its energy.  I liked the ideas: do it yourself, take control, break down old barriers, tear up traditional structures, flip the hierarchies. Rawmeash is an idea that I have longed to make into reality. A nonsense fiction. And I’m good at nonsense fictions. This is a publishing co-operative run by artists for artists.

Publishing a book is a bit like throwing a leaf into a canyon. Each time I would listen for its impact.

This time I’m holding onto the leaf as I jump

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EmerfinalbookEmer 2014, Photo Suzana Tulac






San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA Master of Fine Arts in Cinema 2005

New York University, New York, NY Certificate in Multi-Media Design and Production, Dec 1998

Hunter College, CUNY, New York, NY BA, English / Fine Arts, graduated 1998, GPA 4.0, Summa Cum Laude



  • Baby Zero , A novel published in Ireland and UK in 2007 by Brandon.  Released by Rawmeash worldwide 2014.


  • Breakfast in Babylon, A novel published in Ireland and UK in 1995 by Wolfhound Press.   Published in 1997 in the U.S.A. by Houghton Mifflin.


  • More Bread or I’ll Appear, A novel published in the U.S.A. in 1999 by Houghton Mifflin. Published in England in 2000 by Alison & Busby.

Translated into Dutch in 2001 by Nich Von Ditmar.

  • Teeth Shall be Provided, A novella published in the UK and Ireland in 1998 as part of an anthology entitled Rover’s Return by Cannongate Press.


  • The Pooka, A short story published in 1999 in the UK and Ireland as part of an anthology entitled Shenanigans by Sceptre Press.


  • A Sacrificial Shoe, A short story published in 1999 in the UK and Ireland as part of an anthology entitled Fortune Hotel by Penguin Press




Marketing and managing websites for writers.

Speech writer for business industry leaders.

Freelance editor for literary manuscripts 2003-1014

Contributing editor for Black Book Magazine 1999-2002.

Free lance journalist with selected publications in The New York Times, The Irish Times, Irish Tattler magazine.  



  • Guggenheim fellowship, 2000


  • Robin Eickman, Cinema Student Scholarship, 2003


  • 1996 Best Book of the Year Award for my first novel Breakfast In Babylon. Presented at the prestigious Listowell Writer’s Week in Listowell, Ireland by Ireland’s former Prime Minister, Charles J. Haughey.


  • Recipient of Irish Arts Council Grant, 1995.


  • Summerville Art Award for Ceramics and Sculpture, 1999.


  • Audre Lorde Award for English Literature, Hunter College, 1996.


  • Miriam Weinberg Richter Memorial Award for Outstanding English Essay, Hunter College, 1996.


  • Mary M. Fay Poetry Award, Hunter College, 1997.


  • Valedictorian, Hunter College, CUNY. 1998


  • Phi Beta Kappa, Hunter College, CUNY Chapter, 1998.




I have given invited readings, lectures, and interviews at many universities, conferences, and media including: Harvard University, Notre Dame University, Brown University, San Francisco State University, Hunter College, Duesto University, Spain Asilomar Writer’s Conference, bookstores, radio and TV programs.   I co-founded an Irish Women’s Artists and Performers Collective called Banshee in 1997. Through an Internet site ( and performances throughout the USA, the artists have been able to reach a large audience and promote their work. The group has been featured in numerous press, radio, and TV interviews and features. The BBC made a documentary about Banshee aired in 1999.



2007 Ireland – Dublin, Galway, Ballina, Kerry. 2007, UK. London, Edinburgh. 2001    Holland – Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam. 2000    Ireland –   Dublin, Belfast, Galway. 2000    United Kingdom – London, Edinburgh, Glasgow. 1999    U.S. and Canada – New York, Toronto, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles. 1998    U.S and Canada – New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angelus, Boston. 1996    Germany – Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Munich. 1995    Ireland – Dublin, Belfast, Listowel, Galway.



Creative Writing, Trinity College 2005-2013

Academic Writing, Trinity College 2005-2013

Public Speaking, Trinity College 2005-2013

Authors and Artists Book project for children, Trinity College 2009-2013

Creative Writing for Addiction recovery, Ballyfermot Star, 2012

Creative Writing for Addiction recovery, Crumlin Arc, 2012

Creative Writing Program, Writers in Schools, Ballina , Co Mayo. 2007

Creative Writing, Trinity College Summer School, July 2006.

Screenwriting, St Peter’s College, Dunboyne, 2005.

Introduction to Creative Process, Graduate Level San Francisco State University,Fall 2003

Writing and Marketing Asilomar Writer’s Conference, Monterey, CA 1998

Creative Process Asilomar Writer’s Conference, Monterey, CA 1998



NUTS, 24p DVD, 16 mins, 2007 A new short film written and directed by Irvine Welsh. This film is in post production with Media Factory in Berkeley California 2006.  Producer Emer Martin. Irvine Welsh’s debut as a director is Nuts – a dark comedy. Underneath the obvious comic elements there are bigger issues at play here. Notably, the much overlooked men’s health issue of testicular cancer, and the closet racism among the professional Irish middle-class. Ireland is a country that has just undergone dramatic changes, and the comfortable materialistic world that Dominic has built around himself is about to fall apart.

Unaccompanied, 24p DVD, 20 mins, 2007 A new short fiction film shot by novelist and filmmaker Emer Martin (Breakfast in Babylon) and staring Maria Hayden (Bloom 2003) (The Dead 1987). The movie features Irvine Welsh as a social worker who finds a traumatized unaccompanied minor from Africa on the streets of Dublin. Produced by Niall McKay. A young African boy who does not speak is found on the streets of Dublin. The authorities name him Danny and he comes under the care of Sarah, an over-worked social worker and single mother of two. Sarah and Danny form an ineffable bond, and she decides to foster him, but is shattered by his sudden disappearance.  

Valley Of Ghosts , 16mm Color, 16 mins, 2003 Valley of Ghosts is a film about Silicon Valley – the new Wild West. Mary, a laid off high tech worker makes a film for her unborn child whom she is forced to sell to Michael and Sangita, dot com. Millionaires.

The Motel At The Mouth Of The Tunnel, 16mm B&W, 9 mins, 2000 Rosemary’s Baby in eight and a half minutes, this narrative film is about a young Irish woman who is tricked by her bulimic demon roommate into having a child.   Programmer For Filum 04, San Francisco International Irish Film Festival. March 10/11 2004, Delancey Screening Room. Baby Zero, screenplay in pre-production.