Authors and Illustrators

The team for Why is the Moon Following Me?


Emer Martin

Emer is a Dubliner who has lived in Paris, London, the Middle East, and various places in the U.S. Her first novel Breakfast in Babylon won Book of the Year 1996 in her native Ireland at the prestigious Listowel Writers’ Week. Houghton Mifflin released Breakfast in Babylon in the U.S. in 1997. More Bread Or I’ll Appear, her second novel was published internationally in 1999. Emer studied painting in New York and has had a sell-out solo show of her paintings at the Origin Gallery in Harcourt St, Dublin.  Her new book is Baby Zero, published March 2007 and now released world wide 2014 through Rawmeash. She has just completed her third short film Unaccompanied. She produced Irvine Welsh’s directorial debut NUTS in 2007. Emer was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2000. Why is the Moon Following Me?  is her first children’s book. She has two young daughters and lives between the jungles of Co. Meath, Ireland and Silicon Valley, California. Her website is

magi_portret_grayMagdalena Zuljevic

The illustrator, Magdalena, is also known as Magi. Born and raised in Croatia, Magdalena studied at The Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, earning a BFA in Art education. After experimenting with sculpting and oil painting she decided that illustration was her true calling. Magdalena now specializes in illustrating for the children’s market, with her work in digital media.  She currently lives with her  husband, two children, her parrot Cody,  and her guinea pigs Tesla and Sparkle in Sunnyvale, CA. See what she is up to at

SuzanabwDr. Suzana Tulac

Suzana is a Scientist who was born in Varazdin,Croatia.  Her PhD in Molecular Biology was a result of collaboration between Stanford University where she worked for five years and the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Zagreb. Today she is very active in her three kid’s public school teaching science and art (photography and ceramics). Over the last few years she attended many talks and workshops on History of  Time and realized  there was a genuine gap in fun and accessible materials on the subject for children. Currently she lives in Mountain View, California.